Sunday, March 18, 2012

Catch-Up Photos - days 65-67

I've been MIA for a while - just lots going on.  Suffice it to say pictures have been taken, stitching and knitting has been done, and lots of decluttering/cleaning.  Rather than post details, I'll just share the pictures.

Day 65 - surprise - There hadn't been any snow downtown that day, so imagine my surprise when I went to pick up my car at the park-and-ride and found this:

Day 66 - prices - just some documentation of the gasoline price on this day.  This is one of the cheaper spots - some places were much closer to $4.00 a gallon for regular.

Day 67 - skyline - took this while walking to the bus.  I've done lots of close-up photos, so thought it was time for a more long range view.

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Maureen said...

Only $4 a gallon! Can you ship us some over lol, we pay the equivalent of $9 a gallon here, not a lot of travelling for us..