Friday, March 2, 2012

Days 61, 62 - Thursday & Friday

Daily Tasks
photo (Thursday): clouds - Took Mom to dinner at Shari's and when we were leaving the restaurant, I snapped this shot of the sun setting in the clouds.

photo (Friday): songbird - As I was leaving Mom's on Friday, this bird wouldn't stop chirping.  So, I took his picture.

de-clutter (Thursday):  30 minutes or so at work, cleaning out emails.
de-clutter (Friday):  15 minutes in the master bedroom, 15 minutes in the kitchen

Yearly Tasks
card making (Friday):  Completed 1 thank you card for Mom to send.  That makes 3/24 for the year.

knitting:  Got quite a bit done on the baby cardi.
Scrapscription:  Started the Disney 2011 album - worked for 15 minutes and got some of the paper cut.

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