Monday, April 6, 2015

Progress on 101 Things - April 4-5 edition

Here's a wrap-up arranged by category.

Travel - Oregon [nothing]
Travel - Washington [nothing]
Travel - Rest of the World [nothing]

  • Completed that Scrapscription album (Just Be You). Here's the completed project, along with some Easter carnations and bunny decor. Starting another album today, but might not finish this week.

Entertainment and Culture:
  • My son surprised me by getting us tickets to Mariners' Opening Day, so that will make 3 home games this year!
  • Made Bacon Cheeseburger Sandwiches.  Very good and the only complaint was that there wasn't more.  Also tried a few other new recipes, but this was the biggest hit.  
  • Read 2 more books and started a third.  No reviews this week - both books were the next in a series that I've already reviewed, and not much changed.
  • Wore my fitbit every day this week and made my 10,000 step goal on six out of seven. On that non-goal day, it was pouring rain both outside and inside my umbrella so I cut my final walk short by 904 steps. I still totaled almost 73,000 steps for the week, which was 29.4 miles!
Miscellaneous [nothing, but added another goal]

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