Thursday, April 2, 2015

Blogging A to Z - B

Author:  Butcher, Jim
I used to read quite a bit of science fiction, but was never really one for fantasy.  You know, swords and sorcery fantasy. When I found Urban Fantasy, however, I was all over it. And no-one writes better urban fantasy than Jim Butcher. Seriously. Harry Dresden is one of the best characters of all time, and his supporting cast members are no slouches. This is one author that I always pre-order and have never been disappointed. I have read his other books as well, but Harry is my favorite. If you like urban fantasy and have not read Butcher yet, start with Storm Front and work your way up to the latest.

Book:  Bitten by Kelley Armstrong (Women of the Otherworld, Book 1)
More urban fantasy, but very different from the Dresden Files. I chose this book since it was the first in a series that I've enjoyed (and I already used my "A" author). Unlike most series which focus on a main character, the Women of the Otherworld focuses on a group of women (and men) letting each one have a few novels where they are primary. It's an interesting way to approach the series concept and I like it. Often with just one main character you run out of material, but by spreading it out to an entire world of characters, you've got more room to explore. The first installment introduces us to Elena, the only female werewolf and the rest of her pack. I read the entire series and while some books were better than others, they were all entertaining reads.


Kate said...

Great post :-) I'm adding more and more to my to read pile.

Stephanie Hasty said...

I LOVE the Dresden files. Urban Fantasy is my favorite...I also like the Amber Chronicles by Roger Zelazny. Good times! Love this post:

stu06bloc9 said...

Hi :) enjoyed your A-Z posts so far, back soon, cheers