Sunday, March 15, 2015

Weekly Progress on 101 Things - March 14 Edition

Today's report on 101 Things Progress.

  • Re-Read two books.  They don't count for anything on my list - I re-read the first two books by Anne Bishop in The Others series. 
  • Made the recipe plan which was pretty short, since we were gone Thurs-Sat.  The only new cooking was the Cajun Style Country Fried Pork Steaks which were quite tasty and MAN is that a horrible picture. Please gentle reader, don't let my photographs influence you against these meals. The gravy was quite thick - husband just doesn't have gravy down yet. Since he's going back to work on Monday (off since January 7 for hand surgery) the cooking is all falling back on me again (he works second shift). Upcoming gravy will be thinner.
  • Spend the day in Yachats.  DONE.  Thursday was spent mostly traveling. We didn't really start on the road until about noon since we had to visit Mom and have lunch. We used our GPS with the squirrel voice that I've dubbed "Skippy". He had us going to the coast via some odd route that we've never taken before and it added to our time due to traffic, but all was good and we made it to Yachats by 7:30 pm. Our home base for this trip was the Ocean Cove Inn.  The first picture below is the view from the deck outside our room. It was taken Saturday morning when it was raining heavily. However, Friday was a lovely day. We drove down to the Devil's Churn (just about 5 minutes south of Yachats) and Cape Perpetua (see below). We also drove further south to Shore Acres State Park, one of my favorite places to sit and watch the ocean. When the tide is coming in or there are storms, you really can see some amazing waves crashing.

It was good to get away and not worry about work and home responsibilities. We plan on going back in the summer - we really want to get a feel for the area during all the seasons to make sure it's where we want to retire.

I plan on crafting more this week - might even drag out a Scrapscription album to get one of those off my list. Until next time!

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