Monday, March 30, 2015

March SFS

Month: March
Carry-Over from February:  negative $1.48
Spent: $7.65 (HAED chart on sale)
Earned: 0
Total over budget:  $9.13

So, I just received the email about what to do if I'm over budget. Basically I don't get that $25 for March since I was $1.48 over at the end of February. Not knowing that was how it would work, I spent an additional $7.65 in March.

So, for April, I need to stitch something worth at least $10 so I can get back on the list for May and June. Won't be easy, since I'm not one to do small pieces, but I found a few options in my stash, which is the point, after all!


Esmeralda said...

You can do it :)
Look forward to see what you have finished next month

Kate said...

Don't feel bad; I'm so over budget I'm out for the rest of the session. I'm sure you can stitch your way back to positive!