Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 14 - Saturday

Daily Tasks
photo: snow:  Well, we had our first snow of 2012 today.  We got a little over 1 inch.  Apparently, the big storm is supposed to hit Tuesday night/Wednesday, which is a little worrisome, since I'm scheduled to fly home from New Jersey on Tuesday night.  Anyway, today's picture is from a bush that's outside our back door.  I wanted something different than the usual pictures of the dog in the snow (although I took those as well).

stitching:  1 hour, 43 minutes on Blue Moon, which finishes up the 7 hours on her.  Here's a progress picture, along with a picture of the full chart.  Next up is QS Curl Up with a Good Book.

de-clutter:  15 minutes on the papers under the counter ledge.  Mainly shredding.

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